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Repo info
    Nikhil Bansal
    @tiagoAlexander you can check the Developer Content Policy for Google Play to see if there is anything that your app violates.
    @1Droka_twitter what type of app are you making?
    @nikhilbansal97 ok thank you...
    the reason i'm asking it is that the JUnit i didnt do that...
    JMD Arts
    Ok thanks
    What's open project??,,please rply me?
    Ogunjobi Ali
    How can I place mobile app develop using evothings on Google or Apple store?
    Gaurav Kumar
    Hi guys, I made this library to create unique & beautiful looking navigation bar. Hope this helps! https://github.com/gauravk95/bubble-navigation
    I wish to know if i have to create a social search and networking platform like Instagram with all the features of Quora and whatsapp within a period of 6-9 months then how many people i will need and mainly with what all skill set?
    السلام عليكم
    I need rom original of Huawei y3 2017(cro-L22)
    Hi anyone need Android application developer?
    Android application..?
    Name application for pc
    Next gigi hadid💁
    hi my apk cant install in the mobile
    can anyone can solve it?
    Whats the wrong message when your app install failed
    hello , can anyone explain how we can build tracking android application
    hi all..
    wow reall nice got apps direct to desktop..
    musa B sesay
    hello , i aready have basic on the following backend java springboot, nodejs, django and php and i will to choose at least one main backend for my android development projects that required admin panel , i need recommendation
    Steven Parker
    Please give your view on this.
    GitHub - Lassi: Media Picker Library for Android Platform.
    hi guys im frank im making an app in Android studio and im looing for someone to helpme please help me
    Hello guys, I am looking for project in Android app development, is there any associated project then let me know.
    Super me
    em, what's project for example?
    Preeti Sharma
    This message was deleted
    musa B sesay
    hello , I have an issue on implementation of APK Expansion file on my app, can some help me please my apk file exceed 100mb the maximum for to upload on google developer console
    Hi all...
    My razer phone got bootloop....since february until now.
    I try to make security patch, when i finish, need to restart. Suddenly bootloop. Stuck at bootloader
    Anybody can try help me
    Pls help
    Hi all... Anyone know because to generate build Generate Signed Bundle/APK show an error of File 'root/res/anim/accelerate_interpolator.xml' uses reserved file or directory name 'res'
    override fun onSupportNavigateUp(): Boolean {
    return NavigationUI.navigateUp(null, navController)
    Hello everyone
    Hello everyone :)
    Hello everyone
    Hello everyone!
    I'm trying to write an app which records video and audio in background
    but has weird errors, like stop failed: -1007 from MediaRecorder
    I'm trying to reuse this code
    but as service I have no access to activity
    Super me
    hello guys
    Hello All, I was part of failed start up a few years back. Factors outside the teams control was too much to over come. With the virus putting life on hold for many, I started to explore this project again. Looking to connect with a like minded entrepreneur to brainstorm the concept. Project centers around an API social media data aggregator that focuses on public media on a time and location spectrum. Past, future, and present. Big data search engine of public media in short. If anyone can point me in the right direction to networking with the correct people that would be much appreciated. Stay safe. Best regards, Jamieson
    Sergey Leschinsky
    Hello everyone!, just got my hours cut due to the COVID-19 Virus. Want to try to get my Android experience going. Finally pushing the bounds of the Junior into the Freelance gigs
    Srinivasan S Saripalli
    @kobe4prez24_twitter big data search engine of public media is wonderful concept
    @SriniVest thats one big part @ me on twitter ill tell you the next part too