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I would also be interested to know if there's a way to track the approximate current burn rate based on # of task solvers/verifiers active on the network. I assume the blog post will cover that in more detail, but for those in the chat who have access to truebitOS, does that sound overly impractical or fairly reasonable, if someone were to be inclined to do so (much like how there's a web portal to run the current burn and retire rate)
mint and retire price*
gas fees for transfer is so high at the moment. should i just store my tru coins in mxc ? if i'll transfer now, gas is at 91 tru coins
guys thoughts on TRU being in "Assessment Zone" in MXC?
How does TrueBit reduce fee’s for the average user? Say if they were using UniSwap to buy BTC with ETH, would it prompt for an amount of TRU to use for fee’s instead of ETH. Is that the concept?
Per-Arne Andersen

How does TrueBit reduce fee’s for the average user? Say if they were using UniSwap to buy BTC with ETH, would it prompt for an amount of TRU to use for fee’s instead of ETH. Is that the concept?

Mass adoption should decrease load posed from dapps, hence less transaction fee on-chain (because work is now done off-chain)

Ok, so the UniSwap fee would still be in ETH, but low because network is not congested. Does that mean dapp’s etc. hold & spend TRU?
Hello I'm new here, is there a detailed explanation of TruebitProtocol? Thx a lot.
I mean the tokennomics, at what price truebit-os will mint new true token, and at what price true token will be burned.
how many true ICO price? or truebit dont make ico?
@bangmac no ICO, bonding curve launch
@Inbell1s Bro can u tell me what is bounding curve launch?
Hey guys, new to the community.. whats the best way to get TRU tokens?
I see on the FAQ through the TruebitOS but cant find where that is.. better to just use Uniswap?
this project is very interesting
the tech around gas optimizations is very very important for Ethereum Polkadot and more
also the technical analysis trading set up is one of the best cup and handle set ups i have ever seen in my 50 year career
I have a huge bag of TRU and not selling any until $26
The Truebit community is also very alive
I am very very bullish on this project
TRU can easily hit $25 with the Yearn integration
Also listing on Huobi and Upbit
Upbit causes pumps
So it is big news that Upbit exchange is listing TRU
I will be so excited to trade TRU on Upbit Exchange. TRU is coming to Korea~!!!
A listing on Upbit will be very good for the TRU
can we just post hourly links to github and and gitlab get links to homebrew posted for mac users so the general public asking about price action can actually learn about the underlying developing involved in this awesome layer 2 project.
I would actually love to see some project demos! I'm mostly interested in price but the tech is killer and I'd love to be able to understand it better :)
Has anyone been able to confirm that the OS mint/retirement to ETH ratios increase over time or are they fixed? If they increase, what drives them up and at what rate (seems the assumption is tasks will drive the ratios higher)?
My understanding is that the mint price is generated internally by the OS on a bonding curve such that each 1000 tokens is more expensive to mint than the last (not sure by how much exactly). When the market price breaches the mint price, arbitrage between the market and OS price will "flatten the curve" on price increases. The retire price is always 12.5% of the mint price. There is an assumption that task solving and verifying will involve burning tokens somehow, but I currently have no information on that, waiting for the blog post.
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that's a possibility, but both of the prices are based in ethereum, the USD price will fluctuate. I beleive it's mostly so developers using the platform can accurately estimate a cost basis range based on the current mint/retire price for a given task, and that if the market picks it up, will be able to adjust that range accordingly as the change should progress over time rather than drastically increasing or decreasing costs if the coin decides to moon or dump. This is all speculation on my part though.
Hey, the trubit os is giving me 404
how do i go about buying some tru?
Upbit exchange listing is coming
@H0ii you can buy on Uniswap here
Rumor is it is listing on Upbit very soon
Upbit is known for causing pumps
The price has already started going up from the Upbit listing later
Karim D.
Hey guys. I ve noticed that the truebit listed on MXC is in assessment zone for 10 days already. What that means is that the tru tokens held there will become invalid after another 50 days (assessment zone is 60 days).
My question is, where do you guys recommend withdrawing the tokens from MXC? What are some wallets you guys are using for the token?
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@/all What a week since Truebit launched onto Ethereum mainnet! New users, development teams, and researchers are already hard at work building something special. The energy is real. Along the way, you’ve asked some questions. We wrote some answers: https://medium.com/truebit/post-launch-faq-8a49c421b3b7
Hey dudes! There is a governance proposal to list $TRU on a new crosschain DEX called Demex (developed by Switcheo team). The DEX is an AMM+orderbook hybrid running on a dPOS sidechain called Tradehub. Check it out!
It should allow $TRU to be traded cheaply and trustlessly from your metamasks, ledgers, whatever...