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  • May 19 21:02
    User @cryptoartsy unbanned @naregkhodanian
  • May 19 21:01
    @cryptoartsy banned @johnmellow11
  • May 19 21:00
    @cryptoartsy banned @naregkhodanian
@josh818_twitter yes thanks fir sorting it out, emailed you last night
Hello, how do I join the discord? Looking to develop with truebit

Hello, how do I join the discord? Looking to develop with truebit

please email hello@truebit.io

Tomas Claro
Hi @josh818_twitter where can I get some help with liquidity providing in Uniswap? I haven't been able to find help anywhere

Hi @josh818_twitter where can I get some help with liquidity providing in Uniswap? I haven't been able to find help anywhere

Sorry I only help with development support.

If I do see something I will let you know
Truebit fan
Hello i appreciate your efforts thx you
I hope the team will be successful. I strongly believe that. As a fan.
hey guys can someone link me the discord pls
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You are wrong! ;)
Just because you can't see, doesn't mean it's not there
Jack Martin
How should TRU mine?
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7day later..will be pump
Carsten Munk
@gorilacanario_twitter cut out that shit - it is immature, illegal and you should retract those words and apologize for such threats. Jason is not a scammer and there was no stealing. See https://medium.com/truebit/getting-started-with-truebit-on-ethereum-ac1c7cdb0907 for the mechanism.
hello every body
have a truebit exporler
any one have the explorer
Ay Nixu
I wonder what happen if we rich the floor price
selling token to the os/burning token decrease the floor level ?
What is the contract address where all the eth reserves are?
They took the money and runaway
Hey is the trubit official @:
tru_trubit or TRU
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Jonhatan Cotes
Hi all! I've set up a truebit-eth-server on EC2 t2.micro on AWS. I would like to participate as a Solver, can anyone point me in the right direction to do so? What are the requirements?
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Hello all, how do I get access to the truebit-eth Repo? Appreciate the help.
Hi everyone! I've trying to set up an EC2 instance on AWS as a solver. Could anyone give me access to the Repo truebit-eth?
Thanks in advance for your help!
Please email your git handle to hello@truebit.io thanks!
why there is no update whatsoever from the developers?
Attention Developers! A sample repository is now accessible to view real-world use cases and strategies that can be adapted for future applications. https://github.com/TruebitProtocol/truebit-sample-tasks
Code Basher
Hi Josh and other fellow devs. I love the idea of this project. I got a few questions. Does a task get split up to multiple solvers? Does the task giver supply the logic function/method for the solver to run and compute? If so, is there measures to ensure a solver doesn't run into a infinite loop or some other evil task from a potential evil task giver. I defo need to try out the repo when I get some time.
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Where work on github?
Hello. What is the mint price for Truebit on TruebitOS atm? Is there any way to check it outside of the OS?
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@TruebitPriceBot on telegram can chk stats of OS
Hello all. Super excited about the project. I sent an email some days ago to the hello@truebit.io as I am stuck with setting up a server, but haven't heard back yet. I see that there's been more recent comments in here, so will try my luck posting here as others may have been facing similar issues:) Does anyone know how to get past this issue: Now you can launch the truebit-eth-server Docker image interactively to begin the configuration process:
docker run — network host -v $YYY/docker-clef:/root/.clef -v $YYY/docker-geth:/root/.ethereum -v $YYY/docker-ipfs:/root/.ipfs \
— name truebit — rm -it truebit-eth-server:latest /bin/bash
You should follow the “Quick Start” instructions for configuring a new Truebit installation using the [truebit-eth documentation] (https://github.com/TruebitProtocol/truebit-eth#initializing-accounts) and starting with the “Initializing Accounts” section. The link doesn't work and I haven't been able to find a working one.
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