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Dec 2015
Dipak Telangre
Dec 06 2015 05:05
Thants great guys
Patrick Curl
Dec 06 2015 07:57

I'm interested in joining in on this, have you thought of using something like meteor, or porting the code to meteor? -- The major benefit being that you can also create a mobile app... from the same source using cordova... --

Here's some features and scenarios I've thought of that could improve/enhance the offering.. I'd also recommend charging more per sms.


  • Worker texts "sick", triggers mass texts requesting someone to fill in, user clicks link in txt to agree to fill in.
  • Manager texts "emergency", triggers mass text to all employees with announcement.
  • Manager texts "foodtruck" -- only those employees signed up to receive notifications about food trucks gets a notification.
  • Managers can use existing "keywords", or create new.
  • Company page where employees can signup for all announcements, and manage their own account.
  • Has to signup using company email or be added by a manager. -- Required fields: email, mobile, and password. (All need to be verified.)

Mobile app to also manage and send messages from the app, instead of via text.

Optional point system to earn points when filling in that go towards pto, and extra free days off, or other perks.