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Repo info
    Hendrik Lösch
    Now we can discuss new features and issues much easier :)
    Roman K
    Hendrik Lösch
    May be should a add a FAQ section in documentation. I was wondering if I could get a number as string before I remembered me that we have a pattern generator...
    First of all folks, thanks for the awesome work.
    Another feature I'd like to see is a skipping range, e.g. values 1-100 with some black-out areas like 1-100 except 16-20, 23-28, and 58-79.
    We could have something like public IntRange(int min, int max, params (int Min, int Max)[] skipAreas). Then we could count the white areas, and first randomize an area number, then randomize a number in that area.
    @Tynamix Can we revive this project please? I have some feature I'd like to see and would love to implement but with no input and maintenance I'm losing motivation.