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Mar 2015
Basarat Ali Syed
Mar 10 2015 00:00
@vaughnroyko we do plan to add a semantic classifier as well at some point : TypeStrong/atom-typescript#71 which will give all the things you need e.g. parameter etc.
It might just turn out to be feasible to do a syntactic classification in the UI thread (I haven't tested) : you are welcome to experiment :heart: . Figuring out a way to do code based grammars was not trivial, so we doc'ed it :
Vaughn Royko
Mar 10 2015 01:10
Awesome! Thanks for the help @basarat - I'll do some experimenting, and ya, I know of how much it can bog down the speed, but I love me some colors, haha!
Basarat Ali Syed
Mar 10 2015 01:13
Thing is the way tokenization works in Atom you only have a current line to deal with. This makes some things simple, others very difficult without extending the ruleSet (we only store the finalLexState of the tsClassifier for now). Best of luck! and thanks :heart: