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Mar 2015
Matt Traynham
Mar 22 2015 02:03
@basarat No typestrong rooms? Had a question about dts-generator and if it will work with the ES6 import syntax
err dts-bundler
Basarat Ali Syed
Mar 22 2015 03:24
I have used bundler in the past. No it doesn't work with ES6 import since bartvds (also the maintainer for other TS stuff like TSD) has been busy for a while. The plan forward TypeStrong/atom-typescript#166 is to use as it uses the TS api and will (or already does, I haven't used it yet) work flawlessly
but csnover (the author) has been working on atom-ts + bugging the TS team with issues specific to dts-generator so I bet it is already perfect :heart:
Matt Traynham
Mar 22 2015 03:26
@basarat Thanks, looks like I'll give him a grunt-dts-generator PR :)