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Apr 2015
Basarat Ali Syed
Apr 22 2015 00:17
no love yet. Bower only after npm works :D
Basarat Ali Syed
Apr 22 2015 04:52
@cmichaelgraham I will look at that. But better things are right across the horizon : Things that don't have a global namespace issue that current dts-generator style code does have. I'll provide more guidance once its implemented :rose: Go with whatever you have got working at the moment.
Basarat Ali Syed
Apr 22 2015 05:52
The short version : we will no longer need dts-generator, import/require will resolve to the correct .d.ts file and the contents will only be bound to the import result (not globally). The same way NPM works for .js files
Mike Graham
Apr 22 2015 12:36
@basarat thanks for the heads up :) looks awesome !!
Nelo Mitranim
Apr 22 2015 13:28
Hello folks, sorry for an Atom newb question: how to associate a non-.ts extension with the typescript package?
Basarat Ali Syed
Apr 22 2015 21:45
@mitranim you can't. TypeScript is really stingy about file extensions and we are really stingy about file path (because we need to resolve the compilation context). So must be a ts file on disk.