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May 2015
Basarat Ali Syed
May 31 2015 01:08
@park9140 cool. Thanks for the heads up :rose:
@Mitranim hate to no longer keep you so close to myself .... but they do have a gitter now :)
Micah Zoltu
May 31 2015 01:09
Yay! Now I have a place to go for my TS questions and rants.
Nelo Mitranim
May 31 2015 06:31
@basarat Haha thanks :) Huh didn't know they actually had one, it doesn't show up in gitter search
Micah Zoltu
May 31 2015 23:49
Is there a way to tell atom-typescript to not create tsconfig.json? In particular, when I am working in a project that doesn't use tsconfig.json files (e.g., TypeScript compiler) atom-typescript keeps creating tsconfig.json files whenever I open a file in a folder I haven't previously been to (like the tests folder).