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Jun 2015
Jun 02 2015 06:29
@basarat: I tried without the interface as you suggested but don't seem to get autocompletion on the Service1 then Is that what you would expect?
Basarat Ali Syed
Jun 02 2015 06:33
@kpgarrod service1:Service1 instead of service1:IService1 is what I meant. Is this what you tried?
Jun 02 2015 07:59
@basarat: ah, no, I removed the type altogether
Jun 02 2015 08:06
@basarat Yes, I get autocompletion that way, thanks
Basarat Ali Syed
Jun 02 2015 09:41
Jari Pennanen
Jun 02 2015 17:35
@basarat I added to my tsconfig.json "package": "package.json",, and in package.json "typescript": { "definition": "index.d.ts" },
should I now get the index.d.ts automatically?
with npm compatible module syntax
I took those lines from here: Microsoft/TypeScript#2829
but atom-typescript is not creating index.d.ts
Jun 02 2015 20:30
Hey all. First off, awesome work on this package, it's a pleasure to use!
Just run into a small issue, though I don't know if it's anything to do with the package.
I just started using Babylon JS's TypeScript definitions, and I get some errors about duplicate definitions for some Interface properties inside that file (even though there are no duplicates)
Is that likely just some issue with the definition file, or... something else?
(I tried to exclude the d.ts file from being compiled, inside the tsconfig.json, but that didn't seem to affect anything)
Basarat Ali Syed
Jun 02 2015 23:32
@Ciantic I disabled that since I was hoping Microsoft/TypeScript#2338 would come sooner
@debuuu would need source to understand what's happening