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Jun 2015
Micah Zoltu
Jun 25 2015 01:31
Tomas Trescak
Jun 25 2015 04:10
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 14.10.31.png
The new release of atom-typescript brings the new error pane. Yet I find it quite useless because it does not allow me to click on the error. As you can see I can click on tslint error, but not on typescript error. Is this a feature or a bug
Other than that I can't thank you enough for the awesome work you are doing!
Tomas Trescak
Jun 25 2015 04:25
And I have to say that the stability of the plugin went haywire :/ It is significantly slower and shows me errors from a different file. But that could also be linter issue?
Tomas Trescak
Jun 25 2015 04:32
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 14.32.32.png
Tomas Trescak
Jun 25 2015 04:38
Rolled back to 0.12.7 seemed to correct the issue. Also, the pane has disappeared. Seems like not your issue at all. Sorry! :smile:
Henrich Krämer
Jun 25 2015 08:06
@Zoltu I am mostly working on OS X these days. Otherwise the screentogif tool looks quite good. Thank you.
Miguel Couto
Jun 25 2015 08:38
i updated to the latest version and know when i press F6 to compile the whole project it does 2 builds.
i mean it duplicate the build.
Miguel Couto
Jun 25 2015 09:23
tsconfig.json is always formated to 4 spaces per tab, instead of 2 spaces. is there a way to configure it to use 2???
i even have this in the config.

    "formatCodeOptions": {
        "indentSize": 2,
        "tabSize": 2,
        "convertTabsToSpaces": true
Basarat Ali Syed
Jun 25 2015 11:22
@Mig1st4ck sorry. We don't do .json formatting. That is done by atom itself and you can modify that from the language-json settings (I think)
Miguel Couto
Jun 25 2015 12:31
can't find that :(
Miguel Couto
Jun 25 2015 12:54
found it, and it is configured with tab: 2
also only when i build a typescript file tsconfig is changed to tab = 4
Steel Brain
Jun 25 2015 13:11
@basarat I was just looking at the screenshots of typescript linter provider and they look great.
But could've been greater if you provider your user some more information about that error, TypeScript is a project-based language I think, so it's shapes and classes are shared across files.
So why not use trace to point the user to where the shape or class was defined or is expected. Ref:
Currently the tooltip is just reflecting the bottom panel's contents and most user dislike it and disable inline tooltip, this change will also make the tooltips more appealing.
Also would be great if you would drop by our slack room #linter sometimes, we could really use some suggestions to make linter even better.