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Jun 2015
Jonathan Park
Jun 27 2015 03:18
@basarat, is there something I’m missing or is there no way other than setting outDir=/dev/null to prevent the compile from creating js files?
Jonathan Park
Jun 27 2015 04:42
@basarat Ah... for some reason I thought that would stop me from getting errors on save...
Basarat Ali Syed
Jun 27 2015 04:53
@park9140 cool, PS: if you want to disable tsc to skip compile they added an option noEmit : (for stuff like systemjs users etc) :rose: This allows you to use tsc as a type checker only ;)
Micah Zoltu
Jun 27 2015 20:04
@basarat Have you considered writing a web-based TypeScript IDE? looks like the editor part is done, just needs an IDE around it. :P