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Jul 2015
Tomas Trescak
Jul 04 2015 06:40
Guys, great work! But wanted to ask what's happening with 5. releases? I have to press cmd+s two times to clear typescript errors. So basically I'm constantly pressing cmd+s to see if IO have any errors. Since 5. I have installed every release and then rolled back to 4.8.2 which is the latest one that works normally. I know it's probably connected with linter team, but any chance of fixing that? Thanks!
Micah Zoltu
Jul 04 2015 17:42
In my files list I have a file called source/AuthorizeStep.ts. In a file source/app.ts I have an import from 'source/AuthorizeStep' but I am getting an error saying TSC couldn't find the file.
If I change it to import from 'AuthorizeStep' it works.
But then it will break at runtime because there is no file at ./AuthorizeStep.
I suppose this is really a TypeScript compiler question...
Hmm... nevermind. I just changed it back to source/AuthorizeStep from AuthorizeStep and it can find it now... maybe atom just took a while to notice the new file?