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Jul 2015
Micah Zoltu
Jul 29 2015 01:41
@Martin-Andersen @ransanjeev @park9140 You can use compileOnSave: false in your tsconfig.json. This is (currently) an atom-typescript only option, but it will stop it from compiling so you can let your normal build system compile. Atom will still do type checking for you though.
Looks like @basarat beat me to it.
Basarat Ali Syed
Jul 29 2015 01:41
Martin Andersen
Jul 29 2015 09:15
@Zoltu is compileOnSave a compiler option? if I use it and F6 build I get an unknown Unknown Option: compileOnSave
Basarat Ali Syed
Jul 29 2015 23:33
@Martin-Andersen no. Its atom-typescript specific. Should be a root key (not under compilerOptions