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Aug 2015
Miguel Couto
Aug 07 2015 09:11
@basarat i am updating to 5.2.6 missed the 5 :D
its working with 5.2.6
Stijn Van Nieuwenhuyse
Aug 07 2015 21:56
I'm trying to set up TypeScript with Atom and Gulp. Gulp compiles the TypeScript files when they are changed. Therefore I have set compileOnSave to false in tsconfig.json. In Atom I get the error message "Js emit is outdated". When I change something in the file and undo the change, the warning disappears. It seems that atom-typescript does not pick up automatically the files compiled by Gulp. Is there something to do about this? Or what workflow do you suggest?
Patrick Toy
Aug 07 2015 21:59
It sounds like a matter of preference. atom-typescript and gulp can both compile your TS files on save, but only atom-typescript is going to give you additional functionality (such as the outdated emit message). If you prefer to continue using gulp, I wouldn't worry about the outdate emit message, as it likely isn't harmful.