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Aug 2015
Miguel Couto
Aug 25 2015 09:36
emitDecoratorMetadata when set to true gives wrong javascript code
something like this.
__metadata('design:paramtypes', [, Object, Object, Object, .., Object, Object, ..., ., ., ., Object])
my Constructor for the class is this

      private $state: ng.ui.IStateService,
      private $scope: ng.IScope,
      private common: Common.ICommonService,
      private  docsData: Lf.Docs.DocsService,
      private docsTransform: Lf.Docs.ITransfomDocHelper,
      private modal: Bootstrap.Modal,
      private  calcs: Lf.Docs.Editor.CalcFactory,
      private editorChanges: Editor.EditorChanges,
      private editorCanAct: Editor.EditorCanAct,
      private docTransfLines: Editor.ModalTransformLines,
      private  helperNewDoc: Docs.INewDocHelper) {
Aviel Fedida
Aug 25 2015 13:38
When installed 5.5.0, the plugin won't compile, when cheacked config.cson, I notice that: "atom-typescript": {}