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Sep 2015
Sep 16 2015 06:42
Is there possible to use as helper for intellisense if I am coding only JS?
Basarat Ali Syed
Sep 16 2015 06:45
@hellboy81 its been requested before : TypeStrong/atom-typescript#315 but not supported yet.
I'm keeping an eye on the TypeScript code to see if it officially becomes any easier : Microsoft/TypeScript#4094 / Microsoft/TypeScript#4789 :rose:
Rob Yoder
Sep 16 2015 23:37
Anyone know what's up with the URL definition in lib.d.ts? I'm getting Cannot use 'new' with an expression whose type lacks a call or construct signature. when trying to run new URL('') which should be perfectly valid
interface URL {
    createObjectURL(object: any, options?: ObjectURLOptions): string;
    revokeObjectURL(url: string): void;
declare var URL: URL;
Not sure why URL is defined this way. Anyone else?