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Sep 2015
Basarat Ali Syed
Sep 19 2015 05:36
@kpgarrod / @ranjitjhala should be fixed with 6.0.12 :rose:
Just more info : Got lucky this time as it wasn't a core dependency and just devDependencies (we did have dependency on chokidar at some point but decided to just use fs and only watch tsconfig.json)
Sep 19 2015 08:48
@basarat: Thanks. It is fixed for me in 6.0.11 :)
Robert Knight
Sep 19 2015 11:03
I've got a problem with project rebuilds (TypeScript -> Build) taking an exceedingly long time (or perhaps timing out eventually, it isn't clear). What is available in the way of debugging tools?
No errors visible in the Atom dev tools
Yousef Shanawany
Sep 19 2015 16:01
Does typescript allow for imports from other .ts files?
Ranjit Jhala
Sep 19 2015 21:10
That was super fast, thanks a bunch @basarat !!!