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Sep 2015
Rob Yoder
Sep 25 2015 07:39
Today, out of the blue, my TS syntax highlighting broke. I reverted to an older version of atom-typescript, but that didn't change anything. But I don't understand what else could be to blame for TS syntax highlighting issues. Basically it doesn't like the second and third parameters there
Reducing it to one fixes the syntax highlighting but is incorrect and appropriately gives an error
Any ideas?
There is no newline between the first and second type arguments there and even when the three type arguments are short enough to fit on one line it doesn't work
David Driscoll
Sep 25 2015 15:43
Some have reported reverting atom versions have fixed the issue
Sep 25 2015 17:55
I just saw the SOS mention. Something must be terribly broken.
This is so. Weird.