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Nov 2015
Valentin Robert
Nov 05 2015 00:57
is there some magic I need to cast when I modify a .d.ts file so that atom-ts catches on the changes?
Valentin Robert
Nov 05 2015 01:31
hmm, Ctrl-Alt-R seems to have solved, sorry about noise
Basarat Ali Syed
Nov 05 2015 02:03

@Ptival Faster if you sync :

Also, you don't need to do that if you modifed the .d.ts file from atom-typescript :rose:

Nov 05 2015 09:35
Changing the "Preferred quote character" has no effect. Putting a ' in that input field doesn't remove my warnings. It still says that quotemark ' should be "
Nov 05 2015 15:09
Is it possible to get type checking of a file that I import using the /// reference syntax?
So if I have some .ts file, and I use the ///<ref syntax to import it into another file, currently if I use the types defined in that file they are not recognised.