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Nov 2015
Kitson Kelly
Nov 24 2015 11:59 UTC
@basarat issue MicroSoft/TypeScript#5729 was causing me all sorts of problems, it is now fixed but of course atom-typescript hasn't refreshed to that yet. Is there any easy way to get atom-typescript to use a newer version of TypeScript or do I just have to wait for a new version of atom-typescript?
Justin Webb
Nov 24 2015 22:35 UTC
@glen-84 No, never fixed it. I ended up filing issue TypeStrong/atom-typescript#735. The result is that my problem is with the Typescript setup in my project... I'm using JS files w/o the linter until I get help or have time to investigate.
Justin Webb
Nov 24 2015 22:36 UTC
@glen-84 What is your issue and how is it similar?