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Dec 2015
Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos
Dec 11 2015 12:19
This message was deleted Does someone else has this problem at .tsx files ? ( look at the right side of the image)
Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos
Dec 11 2015 12:32
Basarat Ali Syed
Dec 11 2015 18:59
@DominicBoettger No. Just limit the length of the ts ? 🌹
@kataras I've seen the minimal look that way. I uninstalled it for myself :). I haven't seen '/div' artifacts.
Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos
Dec 11 2015 19:53
@basarat it's happening for </span also, If I change the language editor to 'Typescript' ( from Typescript (TSX)) it does disappear but no code hint for html inside render()
I'm using Windows 7, I had the same problem with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 15.10 too
I though it will be fixed but no..
Why I have this problem ?
It's the only reason I had to use sublime but I like Atom most..
Dec 11 2015 22:06
Aware of this syntax highlighting issue?
Couldn't find an issue, but I'll be surprised if I'm the first one that's noticed it