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Mar 2016
Akash Mohapatra
Mar 09 2016 14:28
Hi..checking out atom-typescript the first time today..seeing a weird issue with respect to the "outDir" configuration in tsconfig.json and "compileOnSave" set to true. The generated JS seems to be losing folders from the path of the source TS sometimes..Similar to this - Any ideas?
Jari Pennanen
Mar 09 2016 18:27
@basarat I intrude again this channel only to inquire your thoughts: have you figured out what is the best way to do flux/redux in TypeScript? It's hard to find a good implementation that takes typing in to account
I tried to figure this one out: but uncertain if this is a good way
this is of course a broad question, if you haven't looked in to how to do redux in TS I'm not expecting you to do so :)
the flux is doable in type safe way but it has more boilerplate than I would like to
David Driscoll
Mar 09 2016 18:35
Anyone know the cause of the problem on Windows, where the child process get's hung up on something, and then forces the parent process to hang? If I kill the child process things setting back to normal for a little bit, then it hangs again... looking at the worker code everything should be non-blocking, so I can't understand how it would block.
Maybe it's the send blocking and it's not able to send the info to the other process...