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Mar 2016
Basarat Ali Syed
Mar 11 2016 01:16
@Ciantic checkout :rose: Feel free to create an issue at if you have another question. That and a few other repositories are the only ones I'm watching and generally only doing OSS on fridays now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@david-driscoll I've seen that happen too. Don't have any helpful clues though. I suspect its just they way atom internal node is hosted < that's what I blame when I don't have a good reason I understand yet :rose:
David Driscoll
Mar 11 2016 14:24
@basarat what's interesting is that I don't see something similar with omnisharp-atom, I was thinking of making some local changes to switch to stdio instead of ipc (write messages to the output, read messages from the input) and to see if I still experienced the problem... next time I run into being fairly repeatable I think I will.