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May 2016
Mike Hartington
May 24 2016 03:17
Hey there, was wondering if anyone very familiar with the plugin and it's internal would be up for a chat about them. Willing to compensate for time
Basarat Ali Syed
May 24 2016 04:48
@mhartington willing to have a chat. Take it to email? basaratali @ gmail :rose:
Basarat Ali Syed
May 24 2016 04:57
fwiw my support has been highly lacking because I moved to creating my own IDE : which gives me more freedom (and simplicity) to provide special TypeScript specific UI / UX / DX. You can use it today npm install alm -g. But I do pop in here time to time cause I do care about Atom :rose:
Daniel Hoek
May 24 2016 07:12
Nice plugin :) i am having an issue with the autocomplete though. With no other plugins installed other than what comes with Atom the autocomplete never shows up (Mac OSX), where would i start to look to fix this?
Lukáš Kováč
May 24 2016 13:14
Hello. Is anyone using typedoc here ?