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May 2016
Basarat Ali Syed
May 25 2016 02:36 UTC
Shameless plug : I used typedoc to create this :
Not as good as typedoc .... this is designed to be incremental for that quick insight on source code
Alex Regan
May 25 2016 05:12 UTC
So I've been playing around with typescript, and as a big fan of the babel es6 syntax highlighting, I'm noticing a huge difference. I've done my due diligence researching what I can, but
I can't seem to
find much information on extending syntax highlighting or correcting issues with highlighting not functioning.
Alex Regan
May 25 2016 05:20 UTC
Is typescript's syntax highlighting less extensive? I know the es6 syntax is detailed, but even vanilla js had more highlighting support than what I'm seeing
Alex Regan
May 25 2016 05:37 UTC
Using atom's one dark theme