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Jul 2016
Dmitry Petrov
Jul 14 2016 07:43
Hi, guys, is really loved atom, and want to switch from Webstorm for some cases, but is there are any way to configure auto import of classes like in jetbrains?
For me it's killer feature, and really don't get why it's implemented only in WebStorm
Jul 14 2016 07:45
I'm also missing it A LOT - every time i have to manually import smth, I'm regretting I'm not using WebStorm ;)
otherwise Atom is great, keep up the good work!
David Sancho
Jul 14 2016 14:46
Hey guys, I search on the issues and I coudn't find it. There's a reason why u are using react@0.13 and not 15.0? and also, there's a reason why u are not using react-for-atom?
I would try to upgrade the version on the package and try it if it works, and open a PR?
That sounds correct to everybody? ^^
Basarat Ali Syed
Jul 14 2016 22:16
I added react a while back just to experiment with it. The only thing that uses it is the semantic view. That view is starting to show its age. I had to rewrite the backend for that when I migrated it to : so at this point its one of those features in atom-typescript that require continuous love and better removed to make maintainance easier :rose: