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Daniele Teti
Ok, there was a problem. I simply deinstalled atom, reinstalled, installed atom-typescript and all works now. it's strange because no errors were raised. Now it works.
Philipp Knecht
@danieleteti :+1:
is it possible to add 'references' such as in Visual Studio ?
go to decleration isn't doing anything
Basarat Ali Syed
@gorateron use tsconfig.json :rose:

why does this code give an error:

var count = markers.length;
var dv = count;
while (dv !== 0) {
dv = parseInt(dv/10, 10);

Argument of type 'number' is not assignable to parameter of type 'string'.at line 3 col 19 ???
David Driscoll
@kpgarrod parseInt expects a string, not a number.
Valentin Robert
@basarat I have an arguably too long function, and it seems at some point atom-typescript just gives up on checking it. is this to be expected?
also, often, Ctrl+Alt+L deletes some lines/characters and makes a mess :(
Valentin Robert
oh I guess not, the type thing was my fault for initializing the variable without a type and with undefined value
Jari Pennanen
@basarat I remember you tried to bend Polymer months ago, I can't help to notice you've done some React stuff lately. What is your preference (if any) at the moment?
I would prefer React for front-end (because it can be type safe), but haven't yet had a chance to put it in practice.
I'm less certain about replacing less/css with a TS module, it sounds nice but it also sounds clunky when one wants to style children of some element etc.
Basarat Ali Syed
@Ciantic react with type checking has been awesome
I am on leave travelling the world. But before I did : https://github.com/basarat/csx/blob/gh-pages/docs/README.md
Making components with well defined semantic meanings for layout 🌹
Tom Duncalf
hey. wondering if anyone knows how to hide the atom-typescript status bar entirely?
it doesn't really show me anything that useful given that i am using linter and takes up a bit of vertical space
It seems the latest trend with Angular development is to embed template code in the component definition (i.e. a typescript file). If I do that in Atom, I (understandably) don't get syntax highlighting etc. for the html. Is there any way to get that back?
Yuriy Yazlovytskyy
Hi All, can anyone please advice on how disable output of the js files for each of my ts files?
Tom Duncalf
@yazla I am not sure if this is possible... I just exclude them from my git
Blake Embrey
depends on what you want to do, you can enable noEmit in the compiler options
Dominic Böttger
How can i use atom typescript with this: https://gist.github.com/robwormald/429e01c6d802767441ec
Dominic Böttger
I upgraded my typescript version. Now i get an error in my node modules: import geohash = require('ngeohash'); It says i should use another format like import {geohash} from "ngeohash". But this doesn't seem to work with node....
I upgraded my typescript version. Now i get an error in my node modules: import geohash = require('ngeohash'); It says i should use another format like import {geohash} from "ngeohash". But this doesn't seem to work with node....
Basarat Ali Syed
@DominicBoettger think that error is TypeScript specific. TIP : make sure you have type definitions for ngeohash :rose:
Hello :)
I have some trouble with the option "preferred quote character"
I inserted ' - But when I do import -> tab -> tab the snipped is with double quotes
Leigh Caplan
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
I have the same problem that was discussed in an October 20, 2015 session, https://gitter.im/TypeStrong/atom-typescript/archives/2015/10/20 that I get the error - is not included in the Typescript compilation context - even though the file is included in the "files":[] array in my tsconfig.json. I have refreshed that array several times. I have the latest 8.3.0 update of atom-typescript. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
Akash Mohapatra
Hi..checking out atom-typescript the first time today..seeing a weird issue with respect to the "outDir" configuration in tsconfig.json and "compileOnSave" set to true. The generated JS seems to be losing folders from the path of the source TS sometimes..Similar to this - https://gitter.im/TypeStrong/atom-typescript/archives/2015/05/21 Any ideas?
Jari Pennanen
@basarat I intrude again this channel only to inquire your thoughts: have you figured out what is the best way to do flux/redux in TypeScript? It's hard to find a good implementation that takes typing in to account
I tried to figure this one out: https://github.com/jaysoo/todomvc-redux-react-typescript but uncertain if this is a good way
this is of course a broad question, if you haven't looked in to how to do redux in TS I'm not expecting you to do so :)
the flux is doable in type safe way but it has more boilerplate than I would like to
David Driscoll
Anyone know the cause of the problem on Windows, where the child process get's hung up on something, and then forces the parent process to hang? If I kill the child process things setting back to normal for a little bit, then it hangs again... looking at the worker code everything should be non-blocking, so I can't understand how it would block.
Maybe it's the send blocking and it's not able to send the info to the other process...
Basarat Ali Syed
@Ciantic checkout https://github.com/alm-tools/alm/blob/master/docs/contributing/REDUX.md :rose: Feel free to create an issue at https://github.com/alm-tools/alm/issues if you have another question. That and a few other repositories are the only ones I'm watching and generally only doing OSS on fridays now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@david-driscoll I've seen that happen too. Don't have any helpful clues though. I suspect its just they way atom internal node is hosted < that's what I blame when I don't have a good reason I understand yet :rose:
David Driscoll
@basarat what's interesting is that I don't see something similar with omnisharp-atom, I was thinking of making some local changes to switch to stdio instead of ipc (write messages to the output, read messages from the input) and to see if I still experienced the problem... next time I run into being fairly repeatable I think I will.
Tay Nelson
Hi. How can I enable this visual alert? It is not currently displayed for me (Atom Version 1.5.4) screenshot
Jari Pennanen
@basarat holy crap, very useful! Thanks. I was figuring this same thing out myself, how to typescriptify the redux. Was just about refactor handleActions and createAction (from redux-actions package) to something more typesafe, but you've done something similar already.