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Yousef Shanawany
what queue?
Dominic Watson
atom tasks
if I ask for import autocomplete a couple of times, it goes to about 11 and clicking on it, here are a list of the tasks: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r41yk5803e16zca/Screenshot%202016-05-17%2015.15.13.png?dl=0
ah, apparently a workaround is to move it inside a folder like /src, of which was already done. I put it into the root directory as well cause it wasn't quite working
Dominic Watson
doesn't seem to help. Can test it against a newly generated angular-cli project
Rob Yoder
I've never been able to get the project build to work for me. It always just "succeeds" even when there are errors. Am I missing something obvious?
Googling gave me nothing :/
Rob Yoder
Ah. Looks like my out setting in tsconfig is the culprit... Sad day.
Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 5.53.00 AM.png
Having issues with syntax highlighting - any suggestions?
Haha could any1 help me, i accidentally closed the navidation sidebar and would like it back. and i cant find anything :(
Mike Hartington
Hey there, was wondering if anyone very familiar with the plugin and it's internal would be up for a chat about them. Willing to compensate for time
Basarat Ali Syed
@mhartington willing to have a chat. Take it to email? basaratali @ gmail :rose:
Basarat Ali Syed
fwiw my support has been highly lacking because I moved to creating my own IDE : http://alm.tools/ which gives me more freedom (and simplicity) to provide special TypeScript specific UI / UX / DX. You can use it today npm install alm -g. But I do pop in here time to time cause I do care about Atom :rose:
Daniel Hoek
Nice plugin :) i am having an issue with the autocomplete though. With no other plugins installed other than what comes with Atom the autocomplete never shows up (Mac OSX), where would i start to look to fix this?
Lukáš Kováč
Hello. Is anyone using typedoc here ?
Basarat Ali Syed
Shameless plug : I used typedoc to create this : https://basarat.gitbooks.io/alm/content/features/documentation-view.html
Not as good as typedoc .... this is designed to be incremental for that quick insight on source code
Alex Regan
So I've been playing around with typescript, and as a big fan of the babel es6 syntax highlighting, I'm noticing a huge difference. I've done my due diligence researching what I can, but
I can't seem to
find much information on extending syntax highlighting or correcting issues with highlighting not functioning.
Alex Regan
Is typescript's syntax highlighting less extensive? I know the es6 syntax is detailed, but even vanilla js had more highlighting support than what I'm seeing
Alex Regan
Using atom's one dark theme
Valentin Robert
@basarat are you working on a "show the type of the argument to be filled" feature?
Vasiliy Yorkin
hey guys! currently when I save file it generates a js file
how do I disable this? because I use webpack to build project
Vasiliy Yorkin
^ nevermind, I’ve figured out everything and much more (:
Maik Ellerbrock
hey there. i want to start writing npm modules in typescript. can someone recommend me a best practice guide or some helpful links?
Maik Ellerbrock
TypeScript TypeScript TypeScript TypeScript
James Bream
I'm following the Angular2 quick start project from angular.io and every time I make a change to a .ts file I'm seeing 13 pending requests appear in atom. Anyone have any idea why this is? I don't have this problem when I switch to an older quick start project based on Angular2 beta.
Gustav Bylund
James Bream
Ah of course, forgot my excludes, thanks!
Maik Ellerbrock
i got an error in atom when i import node_modules
i tried what i could find online but nothing is working
"baseUrl": ".",
in tsconfig.json
but now i got the warning tsconfig is wrong
i also installed latest version of typescript
i guess lot people writing node modules with atom-typescript and got the same error when importing node modules
is there any fix?
Basarat Ali Syed
If anybody is interested in the internals of this plugin, @mhartington was kind enough to do a video recording : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOuNb2MGR4o I'm sorry I've moved on from this plugin myself personally but this video should help you understand how it works a bit more :rose:
Hmm anyone got rid of the warning for quotemark - ' should be "
can't find anything
Tomke Reibisch
Is there any recommanded way to compile and deply ones TS project? currently we compile everything into one hughe file via grunt script, but I would like to let atom compile the files seperately into some directory and then concatenate, minify and "uglify" them afterwards. The default atom settings seem to just compile every file and save it in the same directory as the TS file.
deply = deploy
Giovanni Lovato
Hi! Which version of the compiler the plugin will use? To one installed with NPM or a bundled one?