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Gustav Bylund
rx probably needs to be included as well. I recall adding import 'rxjs/Rxjs' somewhere
Tried import * as Rx from 'rx' and import 'rxjs/Rxjs'. Still can't find Rx.
Blake Embrey
how did you install them from global? i'm going to assume it's this: https://github.com/DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/blob/master/rx/rx.d.ts
the correct way to import would be import rx = require('rx') (but import * as rx from 'rx' should also work)
make sure it's also installed

I got this:

$ typings install dt~rx
typings ERR! message Attempted to compile "rx" as an external module, but it looks like a global module. You'll need to enable the global option to continue.

so I did this:

$ typings install dt~rx --global
typings INFO reference Stripped reference "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/7de6c3dd94feaeb21f20054b9f30d5dabc5efabd/rx/rx-lite.d.ts" during installation from "rx" (main)
└── (No dependencies)
Blake Embrey
yes, and there's a reference stripped during installation
so you can do typings install dt~rx-lite --global to correct that
it's an unfortunate problem with dependency management in the definitelytyped source
Did so, still can't find 'Rx'
Blake Embrey
rx lowercase
aside from that, it seems correct to me
can you make sure it's not just a restart of atom or something else required
try compiling with tsc?
Restarted atom
Lowercase rx? I can't just import Rx = require('rx');?
Apparently not. This fixed it.
import rx = require('rx');
let Rx = rx;
(I had Rx.Observable.etc() in the original .js file.)
@blakeembrey Thanks for the help!
Blake Embrey
that's really odd, the variable name causing shouldn't have mattered
glad you've got it working now :)
Yeah, I'm super confused still, but I guess it's working.
The JS ecosystem as a whole is pretty new to me. I should probably read up CommonJS and on TypeScript's namespacing to get a better handle on what's going on here.
@blakeembrey I didn't observe the same behavior with casing when I booted up my computer this morning.
There were other errors popping up for another module that doesn't have a declaration file yet along with some errors regarding the number of arguments d3 expects in its callbacks. I must have just misread something.
Valentin Robert
so it atom-typescript shipping TypeScript 2.0 now? I can use strictNullChecks, nice! :)

atom-typescript shows error on angular2 components near:

    moduleId: module.id,     <Cannot find name 'module'>

Any ideas what could I do to make this disappear? Angular build and there are not problems. Thanks in advance!

@benetis Answer > You need explicitly import typings for this to work.
Tucker Lein
hello, anyone experiencing atom-typescript 8.11.0 freezing atom 1.8.0 when atom starts up on windows?
when I remove the plugin from my .atom directory it works, definitely seems to be atom-typescript. Also I was using it earlier today, I believe it was still version 8.11.0, but suddenly it just started freezing atom, not aware of anything that changed
Tucker Lein
nevermind, opening a blank atom without the project directory and re-adding it seems to have fixed the issue
hi, i updated to atom-typescript 9.0.0 today and now it's saying it can't find tsconfig.json. did something change with that?
Dmitry Petrov
Hi, guys, is really loved atom, and want to switch from Webstorm for some cases, but is there are any way to configure auto import of classes like in jetbrains?
For me it's killer feature, and really don't get why it's implemented only in WebStorm
I'm also missing it A LOT - every time i have to manually import smth, I'm regretting I'm not using WebStorm ;)
otherwise Atom is great, keep up the good work!
David Sancho
Hey guys, I search on the issues and I coudn't find it. There's a reason why u are using react@0.13 and not 15.0? and also, there's a reason why u are not using react-for-atom?
I would try to upgrade the version on the package and try it if it works, and open a PR?
That sounds correct to everybody? ^^
Basarat Ali Syed
I added react a while back just to experiment with it. The only thing that uses it is the semantic view. That view is starting to show its age. I had to rewrite the backend for that when I migrated it to alm.tools : https://github.com/alm-tools/alm/blob/master/docs/features/semantic-view.md so at this point its one of those features in atom-typescript that require continuous love and better removed to make maintainance easier :rose:
Eric Elliott
hi guys. Anybody know how to get atom-typescript working with .js files so I can take advantage of its type inference capabilities? https://twitter.com/_ericelliott/status/755636520158162947
David Sancho
Sounds cool @ericelliott
dfuck, they close it
This package gives u the autocomplete of the interfaces and methods right?
and some types
when u are using it on js files
similar to ternjs?
Basarat Ali Syed
@davesnx didn't close it. Redirected it to an issue that already exists :rose:
David Sancho
oh, okay