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Valentin Robert
Dominic Watson
The vscode-eslint and vscode-tslint extensions now provide settings to run the linter only on save and not while typing.
anyone else have anymore information about the performance of atom-typescript? there's a mile of a difference. Figured someone would have some information as to what's happening there
Valentin Robert
@intellix Thanks! yeah it's so much faster :') too bad I like atom-typescript a lot but I'm going to be using vscode for a bit I think
It seems atom-typescript not working on my environment since yesterday.
As I clicked circle which is rotating during something loading by atom-typescript, that says getProjectFileDetails is stacked.
Was there anything update yesterday?
My apologies. The problem is same as this issue(TypeStrong/atom-typescript#332).
Ken Aguilar
I just want syntax highlighting from this package.. is that possible?
Ken Aguilar
nevermind.. found it..
I'm currently working on a project in Angular 2. I used Angular's CLI to build my project. After I built my project, I got a bunch of errors in my spec file saying Cannot find name 'describe', Cannot find name 'beforeEach', and Cannot find name 'it'. Is this an atom-typescript error? or what am I doing wrong? I haven't even started writing code yet.
Juan Lucha
Hi there!
I'm pretty sure this is not the place to ask this,but maybe you could say me some recomendation about the place to ask this properly: is there any possible way to develop atom extensions using typescript?
Renke Grunwald
@Ravencrow Yes, it is possible.
I am currently writing one using TypeScript.
Juan Lucha
Thanks for the answer, @renke
Matthew Hull
Hi guys!
Jonathan González
Hi guys! i hopw you're doing well, maybe this is a high topic question but i could not resolve it. why can i perform autocomplete typescript on atom using windows ?
Yousef Shanawany
Can I make typescript output the .js files in one folder without preserving the folder structure?
Warman Suganda
Hello world?
how to fix this issue, TypeStrong/atom-typescript#1107
Ken Aguilar
anybody use tslint?
Lee Loucks
anyone use this?
Hey can anyone help me? using atom, how can i 'debug' the ts application?
@tzahush I think It's like debug the node/javascript application...
Darren Segal
Hey guys, Im having a weird issue, im not totally even sure how to ask about it, because I was working away and then all of a sudden Im getting missing type errors
Double checked that the types are correctly in the index.d.ts folder in node_modules/t@types/swiper
no errors in that file
after install 。Shall I use import * as _ from "lodash"; in each ts file?
need i use import * as _ from "lodash"; in each ts file?
I do it this way And is Ok...
Andrea Law
Hi, I am trying to install atom-typescript package and getting an error message of "apm command not found". Can someone explain to me what is the meaning of "have git in the path"? I think that's something I missed
Andrea Law
Problem solved.
Paul DeMarco
auto imports and autocompletion are not working for me, any advice?
Silvino Barreiros
can anyone point me to how to configure the path to my tsconfig location? auto discovery is failing
How do I nuke every cache even remotely related to typescript?
I keep having deleted files pop back up and such
Chelsea Otakan
I was previously just using tslint, but I need to use tsc for some shit now. I installed atom-typescript and there's no change to my editor
no typescript bar, no autocomplete, nothing
anyone run into this before?
I restarted Atom and updated everything :/
Jeon, TaeKyung
I got a issue that is about calling deprecated method in atom-typescript package
Anybody know same issue ?
Jeon, TaeKyung
I'm assuming that might relate to latest version of atom ide
Same for me
Any news about this bug ?
Ryan Watts
has anyone figured out how to get the code hinting from this package to work in js files like how vscode does it ?
hey guys, is there an official atom ide room?