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Paul DeMarco
auto imports and autocompletion are not working for me, any advice?
Silvino Barreiros
can anyone point me to how to configure the path to my tsconfig location? auto discovery is failing
How do I nuke every cache even remotely related to typescript?
I keep having deleted files pop back up and such
Chelsea Otakan
I was previously just using tslint, but I need to use tsc for some shit now. I installed atom-typescript and there's no change to my editor
no typescript bar, no autocomplete, nothing
anyone run into this before?
I restarted Atom and updated everything :/
Jeon, TaeKyung
I got a issue that is about calling deprecated method in atom-typescript package
Anybody know same issue ?
Jeon, TaeKyung
I'm assuming that might relate to latest version of atom ide
Same for me
Any news about this bug ?
Ryan Watts
has anyone figured out how to get the code hinting from this package to work in js files like how vscode does it ?
hey guys, is there an official atom ide room?
@zenkkor Pretty sure they only use Slack: https://atom-slack.herokuapp.com/
Hello here, I installed the atom-typescript package and only worked once for my project! It suddenly stopped firing auto-imports and the like! Any ideas?
In the atom-typescript README, it says that you can turn off the compile on save feature by modifying your tsconfig.json file. Where does atom-typescript look for this file? Does it look for an existing tsconfig.json in your current project, or is there a global tsconfig.json file for the plugin.
Nvm. I figured it out. There is a tsconfig.json file located in the package's configuration folder.
Fernando Boza
hey folks, trying to turn on syntax highlite for atom, any one know how?
Hello guys ! i have a problem with atom about the package atom runner it continues to show me up the PATH problem even after editing it.....I need help
Janne Lönn
Hello... I'm running into a problem an getting "TS Emit Failed" and nothing outputted with this tsconfig.json:
  "compilerOptions": {
    "target": "es6",
    "module": "commonjs",
    "noEmitOnError": true,
    "sourceMap": true,
    "outDir": "dist"
  "exclude": [
If I remove node_modules dir it will compile file nicely on save... :/
Doruk Kutlu
a couple questions;
1 - are dangling commas allowed in tsconfig.json ?
tsc seems to care about them and refuses to compile if there are dangling commas in it
atom-typescript doesn't indicate what it expects
i'm not sure if i'm breaking the plugin by using dangling commas
2 - can you tell me (or link me) how to enable intellisense-like features in atom with d.ts files ?
i kinda made it work with node
i did typings i --global node
and it worked for a while but then it abruptly stopped for no apparent reason
@d0ruk In your package.json, in its devDependencies section, do you have entries for @types/node, tslint, and typescript. They all help.
Doruk Kutlu
just for node
  "devDependencies": {
    "@types/node": "^7.0.10",
    "typescript": "^2.2.1"
shouldn't autocomplete for node built-ins work with this config ?
live analyse failed but auto complete can use. who know why?
Colin Taylor
Is compileOnSave false by default now?
is there a room for just atom
not atom-typescript
doesn't seem to show up on search
Mike Binns
I noticed the typescript dependency is a few minor versions outdated. Is there a way to override that locally or does that require a PR?
Mahmoud Ibrahim
how can i active autocombile ?!
From what I can tell, there's supposed to be an AST visualizer present in Atom-Typescript -- I can't figure out how to get to the functionality, though. I don't see a "Typescript: AST" command in the command palette.

Anything I need to make sure when using filesGlob in the tsconfig.json? It appears to not work. I just have

"filesGlob": [

It works when using "include" instead of "filesGlob" and running tsc from the command line.

Hi everyone, I'm trying to use tsconfig.json#compileroptions.paths but seam atom does not recognize the paths and complain with "Cannot find module ...'
is atom-typescript using the information in compileroptions.paths?
Peter David Carter
after the update it appear individual TypeScript syntax errors are no-longer being highlighted, but just the file the syntax is in. This is a pretty major feature to take out. Is this really gone or is something wrong with my installation?
Oscar Raya i Casanova
Hi, I installed typescript on atom in order to see jsdocs on functions, but it isn't working. And I have no error messsage. Can someone help me?