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May 2016
Hans Vraga
May 09 2016 18:18
Question for @venikunche and @troddick - any progress on the wrong password popup window?
I know it's affecting both BLT and the new STNWeb
Tonia Roddick
May 09 2016 19:27
nope. been working on stnservices2
May 09 2016 19:57
Hi @HansVraga , Just fixed the "Deleted polygon still able to be highlighted" issue. Took some time to figure out what the issue was. I'll look into the wrong password popup window issue now. Previously we enabled the Forms Authentication setting in IIS, and the issue went away. I am not sure why it's back. I'll recheck the settings and look into it.
Hans Vraga
May 09 2016 19:58
Thanks Veni