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Sep 2016
Tim Myers
Sep 16 2016 01:25
Hi everyone,
Anyone having an issue with Appearance.Configure();?
This is my first setup with Grial and I'm following the setup on github and it says to add that line to AppDelegate.cs for the iOS project
Compiler doesn't like it.
Seems like the setup instructions are out of date.
Tim Myers
Sep 16 2016 01:32
Ha! Nevermind. I copied the Appearance.cs file over to my project but I had to include it. ;)
Sep 16 2016 03:35
Tim Myers
Sep 16 2016 04:11
I'm still not able to get this running. Is there another setup document?
When people set this up do they just open the sample project and start from there? Because getting this setup with a new project is a beast.