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Repo info
    Devlin Duldulao
    Solved: Using the Grial starter kit and then installing Prism is better than the other way around.
    Devlin Duldulao
    Is there a floating action button that we can use in GrialUIKit?
    Devlin Duldulao
    Marvis Leung
    Hi There. Really simple questio incoming
    @DevlinDuldulao_twitter I think to achieve floating button effect you can use artina button Relative Layout (its allows views to overlay each other) add some shadow.
    Hello, anyone had success using SFSafariView in Grial Kit? Here's sample of iOS - https://blog.xamarin.com/keep-users-engaged-with-ios-9s-sfsafariviewcontroller/
    Disregard my question.
    Abdul Muhaymin Arif
    res/values/attrs.xml : error APT0000: 1: error: Attribute "itemTextColor" has already been defined [/Users/vsts/agent/2.126.0/work/1/s/Proj/Proj.Droid/Proj.Droid.csproj]
    when using wheel picker library, does grial implementation in android too use itemTextColor in any of attribute.
    is there nay work around
    Chris Godwin
    how can i find the nuget url for griallkit
    Need help on Logout flow. I need to log out and start over as new session. My previous views are still stacked so when I log in again old views are not wiped out.
    Jude Martin
    Hi @jpbrocca I have a couple of issues, First I'm not able to connect to the Gorilla Player on VS 2017, Secondly The ThemeColors.cs is not generated when I deleted it and rebuild the solution . I had to delete the ThemeColors.cs to update the SplashBackgroundColor as the old values were being referenced. Please let me know Thanks
    Msg : by default Gorilla uses ports 9014 and 14578.
    can somone tell me if 9014 is TCP or UDP
    14578 has been mentined as UDP not sure with port 9014
    Arne Molland
    I'm having trouble connecting to the nuget source on CI build servers, specifically restoring packages from NuGet.Config. This is what I'm getting both in CI build logs and in VS Mac when restoring from NuGet.Config: Unable to load the service index for source http://nuget.uxdivers.com/grial. Invalid length for a Base-64 char array or string.. I'm also not using proxies. Any idea how to fix?
    has anyone used grialkit in preview mode in macos? I'm getting a license error
    Hello guys, I'm having problems with email validator provided by the grial package. The pre-built login page has got 2 entries, one for the email and one for the password. I cannot understand how to work with the validator. It seems to be correctly coded into the XAML, but it's still not working. Any advice? Any feedback will be appreciated.
    Arne Molland
    Is there any support to get here at all? The last answered question was from September 2017, and it seems like this is the only support outlet there is for Grial.
    Hi guys, I'm trying to implement Grial into my existing project. I'm stuck at this point. I've explained it in following post:
    Can u please help me.
    Hi Grial team, @jpbrocca and community, can I request for some help on the issue #451 and #453 ? Thank you.
    Zeeshan Ejaz Bhatti
    Hi Support, can I get a discount on my first purchase. There is no free trial so I am hesitant to invest a large sum for my first app. Thanks
    Hi Guys, We like to implement app to app voip voice call using xamarin forms in visual studio 2017, Here i have found some third party like Sinch, Twilio, Linphone, CometChat, OpenTok, etc. Which one is suitable for app to app Voip voice call using xamarin forms? Please Suggest
    Abdul Muhaymin Arif
    Panduka weerasekara
    Panduka weerasekara
    its very weird issue, with the first license we never have this issue, but with the new project bought new standard package and having this issue of "UXDivers.Grial.LicenseException: 'License verification failed because: The application name does not match the license's. Activity title does not match the license's application name." we have checked so many times and checked with several visual studio installed machines as well to verify names in both solution and the admin but the issue occurs every time deployed . any idea what would be the solution ?