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Jul 2016
Jul 27 2016 18:35
I'll be at home from work in about 2 hours this evening. got a day of vacation for tomorrow. Can you please commit your current changes of stuff that you want to have in the 1.3.2 "beta" release until in about 20 hours? Also feel free to add experimental code where you want users' feedback on it. :) A couple of people will help me quickly test the version tomorrow. If the installer is too much work, we could just release the .zip version this week and the .exe version with the .nsis installer a week later or so.
Jul 27 2016 22:30
regarding branches/tags/... I'd like to go with how the ffmpeg people and the German hackerspaces do it:
master will always be cutting edge.
new big features will be developed in separate branches and then merged into master when about ready.
for each major version we will create a branch which after creation will only receive bugfixes, no new features
the separate releases will be based on the tags which are form the version x.y branch