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Jul 2016
Jul 28 2016 21:52

new big features will be developed in separate branches and then merged into master when about ready.

branch is messy in git. branching on github is even messier. such things should be done on forks

for each major version we will create a branch which after creation will only receive bugfixes, no new features

a branch isn't required as tags are right for releases. if bugs exist, they likely get fixed in the master branch. the need for a bugfix with such a small non-internally-split-into-modules-with-QA-teams-validting-versions. Whenever this comes up, that a bugfix patch on specific versions has to be done, it still can be branched, and after that tagged. branches are not that got like in SVN and several other CVS. bugfix releases are also not that common in such Agile developed app without that huge market.

We'll see. The most important think is having proper release versions (see

Jul 28 2016 21:57

Can you please commit your current changes of stuff that you want to have in the 1.3.2 "beta" release until in about 20 hours?

I haven't planned on doing it for this release. It isn't fully designed not planned, and I kept working on bug fixes and things which will improve usability. Stability is another problem which is mostly solved (known issues IIRC). The most important part is not release bugs. There were major bugs coming from the WorldParty mod (not specifically the merge), in example was the fact that lyric files got the medley tag removed if save with >=1.2.x. That's a major problem and could annoy various users having a huge collection and wanted to adapt their offet vaues (in case they needed to do so). Gladly, it was reported and fixed after some time. Things like bugs which let the game crash aren't that problematic as these can be fixed once issued. But there is no way to get values back the program falsey written into files. Pleasing an upset community is hard.

Jul 28 2016 22:00
I am about to give up on quickly fixing UScreenScore for playing on two screens.
that code needs to be condemned
who ever did that should go to prison
Jul 28 2016 22:01
wasn't that you?
how does split work? I cannot see a difference oO
is that feature removed?
i'm sure i'Ve tried it recently
Jul 28 2016 22:11
was split somewhen working or did you branched it and never merged it?
I've seen you implemented it back in SVN
the reason why i'm asking, I need to check if the bugfix for the Resolution index fix is working for every edge case
Jul 28 2016 22:27
shouldn't the fullscreen resolution not being doubled?