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May 2016
Erik Tromp
May 31 2016 07:06
@dmassart apparently the back pressure helps, but it's not aggressive enough?
you should toy around with the different parameters for back pressure
and maybe debug a bit to see if it's really working
Akka itself isn't really back pressure ready
maybe we will start using Akka Streams once that gets mature enough
David Massart
May 31 2016 07:10
OK, I need to finish something today. I will try to investigate it more later this week
I wrote some java benchmark and it processes 13 M records in about 1.5 hours, once the problem is fixed, I expect tuktu to be at least as fast
Erik Tromp
May 31 2016 14:00
with the current back pressure, the generator is throttled for a while (or at least it should, BP hasnt been extensively tested this way)
my guess is the throttling isn't enough