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Oct 2015
I'm thinking of changing the default to 0.05

Is this relevant to your second question?


Øystein Blixhavn
Oct 21 2015 14:54
it kinda only answers the first. How do I actually set that variable? Lets say if i was extending your demo site
or, you could just change the value in that config file in your fork of the UV
and do a build
Øystein Blixhavn
Oct 21 2015 15:04
You can override the UV configuration JSON using the data-config attribute.
Thanks! :)
Edward Silverton
Oct 21 2015 15:06
No probs :-)
Øystein Blixhavn
Oct 21 2015 15:45
uhm, if you're still here: how would i format e.g. setting two page view to default in this attribute?
oh, never mind. I thought you could override single variables
Øystein Blixhavn
Oct 21 2015 15:56
Do you have any pointers if i want to expore the possibility of adding a search service?