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Oct 2015
Øystein Blixhavn
Oct 28 2015 08:28
@edsilv We have a certain need for being able to provide PDFs of scanned books that we show using the UV. Is there planned any functionality on this? Ideally, one should be able to select a set of pages, have the PDF generated and available for download.
Edward Silverton
Oct 28 2015 11:36

Hi, the UV has 'download as pdf' support, see the download options of Wunder der Vererbung:

If you look at the manifest:

the sequence has two renderings, pdf and text. These are what appear in the download panel.

I could imagine the expanded gallery view being used for a 'download selected as pdf' option, where you click to select pages and an option appears above the thumbnails and/or in the download dialogue. This isn't planned currently. There was some discussion here that may be relevant regarding custom downloads:!topic/universalviewer/SY9d-7C9eaI

You may find the community hangout call useful to discuss this. The next one is tomorrow at 3pm UTC. If you're interested in participating I can add you to the relevant slack project.

Øystein Blixhavn
Oct 28 2015 14:27
That would be neat :)