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Dec 2015
Dec 07 2015 13:38

Hello! I'm wondering if anyone using the Universal Viewer has encountered problems with non-unique page or folio numbers. Some of the items we're digitizing at the Bodleian are volumes that contain multiple sequences of folio numbers, so that there are several instances of folio 1r, for example, within a single volume. Since the Universal Viewer has a text entry field rather than a drop-down menu for page selection, I assume that if someone were trying to navigate to folio 1r within a volume like this, they would get an error message, or else they would be taken to the first instance of a folio 1r within the manifest, which might not be the one they wanted.

We could get around this problem by including the section/sequence number within the foliation metadata (for example, the various 1rs would become 1: 1r, 2: 1r, etc.), but this isn't ideal. Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a workaround?

Thanks! Hope to see some of you in Ghent later this week.