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Dec 2015
Øystein Blixhavn
Dec 14 2015 09:54
@edsilv A while ago I asked you about the IIIF search functionality. I see that you've implemented this API at Wellcome Library. How did you do the text extraction (with positioning)?
Edward Silverton
Dec 14 2015 11:18

Hi, I just tried a fresh bower install on the demo-site and it's loading one of the Wellcome PDFs without a problem.

I experimented with using the 'cv' hash parameter to set the initial page, but ran into difficulties with it. I think it was a limitation of the pdf.js api, but not sure. Would be great to have some fresh eyes on it!

I think the OCR/Alto stuff is probably beyond the scope of this gitter channel. Maybe try posting a question on the UV Google Group:!forum/universalviewer

I'll see if I can get @tomcrane to write an explanation.