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Dec 2015
Maturu Srinivas Phani Ram
Dec 16 2015 12:21

While using

How can I actually use reactive->this instead of local this

I need to refer to scope variables from google gmap events

I've seen using it in

but they're actually checking if object exists, if not create it. So, I can't destroy the existing one, I need to modify a part of it

Miloš Stanić
Dec 16 2015 14:37
@phaniram you need to declare var vm = this at the beginning of the controller, and then you can access variables with vm. If I understand correctly what you're asking
Maturu Srinivas Phani Ram
Dec 16 2015 16:02
yes, seems using vm instead of this in reactive is better apporach
Maturu Srinivas Phani Ram
Dec 16 2015 16:17
angular2 beta is out
May be a stupid question, can we actually use angular1 packages normally when coding with angular2-meteor ? Any adaptor or some sort of ?
Maturu Srinivas Phani Ram
Dec 16 2015 16:57

has anyone noticed this? has proper UI
has lot of UI issues, scroll lock, bad UI align etc.,

My guess is it's because ionic css

Dec 16 2015 19:23
@phaniram ng1 packages are not compatible with ng2 at all. You will need specific ng2 versions of packages or otherwise use something like ngUpgrade, which basically runs both ng1 and ng2 together in the same app.