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Dec 2015
Maturu Srinivas Phani Ram
Dec 17 2015 05:00
thanks. Anyone know how to fix scroll lock issue and UI issues in
Shantanu Bhadoria
Dec 17 2015 09:23
Hi guys, whats the best way to use meteor-roles to hide certain elements in a navbar based on a user's access level?
Uri Goldshtein
Dec 17 2015 13:32
@/all Hello Gitter people, why do we use Gitter and not Meteor Forums/Github Issues/Stack Overflow?? then all your questions and answers are not available through Google... I'm not sure that Gitter is the best solution for our community
Miloš Stanić
Dec 17 2015 13:35
@Urigo for me, gitter is suitable for instant help, sometimes you need a quick fix for something, and it seems inappropriate to open an issue. Plus it kinda builds the community spirit :)
Michał Ordon
Dec 17 2015 14:22
@MilosStanic Quite the contrary, I’d say. Encapsuling all the knowledge in a place that is not crawlable is hardly any good for the community.
Michał Ordon
Dec 17 2015 14:41
The instant help factor is a big thing, though.
May I suggest we publish some interesting questions and their answers on the forums or on Stack Overflow?
Miloš Stanić
Dec 17 2015 14:54
@designorant we can make a wiki at Github, too. Other projects have it
Miloš Stanić
Dec 17 2015 18:02
I'm having problems with GraphicsMagick on my deployed app. It simply doesn't create the thumbnail, and doesn't write a new record in the GridFS collection. It writes a record for the original image, but no thumbnail.
The same code works on my development local machine
The problem is that it fails silently, so I have no clue to why
Anyone with experience on this matter?
Should I wrap the call to GM in a promise?
Miloš Stanić
Dec 17 2015 22:02
I found the problem: mupx uses to deploy meteor apps within the so called docker containers. So the app doesn't see the host outside the container. So now I have to find out how to install gm inside the docker container