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Dec 2015
Aaron Roberson
Dec 21 2015 04:50
I'm able to use babel with decorator support via plugins and presets so I don't at all consider decorators as TypeScript specific.
Aaron Roberson
Dec 21 2015 05:07
All I want for Christmas is Angular 2, Meteor and Babel
Dec 21 2015 07:42
What's the best way to pass data between components? I want to get data from an ng-model into a separate component
I've tried it as a sub component, but it doesn't seem to update when the value changes
passing it in like eg <component bar="">
with the input like: <input type="text" ng-model="">
My question about meteor angular 1 folder structure.
Miloš Stanić
Dec 21 2015 10:37
@gdsmith can you give a bit more of code?
Miloš Stanić
Dec 21 2015 10:42
@pacozaa I think the examples are not yet updated to the latest angular-meteor release, I think @Urigo mentioned it somewhere
Aaron Roberson
Dec 21 2015 17:05
@pbastowski I'd be happy to work with you on an angular2-babel package
Dec 21 2015 21:04
@aaronroberson let's hangout about this