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Mar 2016
Hongbo Miao
Mar 16 2016 04:21
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@MilosStanic I used one whole afternoon to try to compile the source code, it succeed, but after that, I even cannot run Hello World successfully... So I will wait angular2-meteor exposed to NPM.
Miloš Stanić
Mar 16 2016 07:24
@Hongbo-Miao yes... I tried several afternoons, but it had trouble importing. Then I switched to meteor 1.3, imported angular2-meteor via git, but then, again had trouble importing until I imported it via require instead of import. And finally ng2-material didn't work, because it requires angular2-beta.9, while angular2-meteor runs on beta.7 :(
now, the new angular2-meteor runs on beta.9, I will try again.
meanwhile, they released Material Design2 - alpha, but it only has 6 components