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Apr 2016
Apr 29 2016 07:07
@Urigo I am very inspired by the Meteor + Ng2 tech stack, do you have a plan to create some screencast about using such development stack, cause for now web is not rich on this stuff?
Muhammad Shalaby
Apr 29 2016 07:36
@kobvel great suggestion.
Emil Aasa
Apr 29 2016 07:43
Hey I'm working thru the angular-meteor angular2 tutorial and I am getting this error message on step 3 when introducing a new mongo collection:
Anyone got some ideas on what I should look at or learn more about to understand why this is happening?
Emil Aasa
Apr 29 2016 08:03
Currently rebuilding the project and replacing my code with the contents of the zipfile for step3
Emil Aasa
Apr 29 2016 08:45
I think it was because the files got double compiled since I used the webstorm TS compiler as well!
Everything works now =)
Hongbo Miao
Apr 29 2016 18:36
@emilaasa for me, I am using WebStorm only for editing, and iTerm for terminal. it is pretty good combination, when u restart WebStorm, your app still runs by iTerm