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May 2016
Peter Carabeo-Nieva
May 02 2016 03:21
noob angular2 meteor question, so I like this combo but doesn’t this kind of overlap at least on the isomorphic piece with the angular universal efforts?
Emil Aasa
May 02 2016 05:30
@petercn Not sure what you are saying really? Are we not replacing (thus not overlapping) pieces of the original meteor with angular2?
Ah, are you comparing it to Angular Universal, that makes more sense. =)
Max Bruchmann
May 02 2016 10:36
does anyone experience random infinite page reloads when the application is repdeloyed in production?
Peter Carabeo-Nieva
May 02 2016 13:56
@emilaasa yep, so that’s what I’m wondering, the isomorphic JS bit, isn’t there bound to be overlap between meteor and angular universal in how they handle that? Will there be a roadmap to merge the two somehow or will it simply be two options to where u do the isomorphic js with angular alone or with meteor if you happen to buy into meteor for all the other stuff that it offers as well
Miloš Stanić
May 02 2016 15:01
@petercn as far as I know Angular-Universal bridge to Angular-Meteor is in the works and should be out any day now. @barbatus has done some testing, you can see the code here
Peter Carabeo-Nieva
May 02 2016 21:40
beautiful! wasn’t aware