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Pedro Lucas Oliva Braz
@krissistrunk Depends... This project is about a ecosystem. Basically, Meteor is a Node Js Framework that provides a "back ends" application scenarios. Angular comes attached in a "front end" of this ecosystem. This provides a full stack solutuion. So, yes! You will learn Angular in this way, but not only.
Hello, I am looking for theme having MeteorJS + Angular material 2/Bootstrap 4 + Angular 5 (6 would be better). Anyone know if there is any theme available.
Andrey Kartashov
@dev-fullstacktechnology does this help? https://github.com/Teradata/covalent/
@portah Actually I am looking for startup project built in meteor + angular (5+). Thanks for your help but it doesn't solve my problem.
Nightly Geek
hi there, is there any other starter boilerplate other than this (AngularCLI based)- https://github.com/Urigo/angular-meteor/tree/master/examples/angularcli-meteor .
Valentin Funk
Hey, I haven't used meteor since 2013 so sorry if this is a dumb question
if i'm comfortable running my own webpack build is there a reason to use meteor still instead of say Appollo as a lib in Angular2?
Flavio H Freitas
Hello all, anyone knows how can I use async await syntax with meteor angular?
Hello all, anyone know how can I modify config of Meteor.users collection. I want to use mongo object in insted of string id, Because I am sharing common dtabase with my other web app.
Marcelo Luiz Onhate

Hello there, I've been using angular-meteor for the past +2 years, but in the last months I'm having the impression that the project is dying... the official site that contains the documentation has not a single line about newer versions of meteor and the stuff there is as old as the first releases of angular-meteor...

I would like to understand if this is the same point of view that you have and also would like to discuss about possible solutions to migrate from angular-meteor to a more de-coupled solution, like building angular with ng and using the built assets with raw meteor, without intermediate processes or code manipulation...

Nuno Vieira
It's been dying for over a year! That's why I don't use it anywhere. But as you said, I would like to know how to do "a more de-coupled solution".
Andrey Kartashov
@onhate & @nunovieira angular-meteor community is not big enough to immediately adopt all the changes from meteor & angular (angular releases every other week). They do update angular-meteor once in month or two and for most cases it is good. They do have de-coupled solution https://github.com/Urigo/meteor-client-bundler - which I use now. It allows me to have pure angular7 project and meteor server

I recently did the same as @portah and decoupled an Angular6 / Meteor project so I can build the client using Angular CLI tools and build my Meteor server in the normal way. This is a relatively large application and I had been dreading the de-coupling work and had assumed that it would take days. But in fact it only took a few hours to get everything working with reliable AOT + tree shake builds on the Angular side.

I was thinking of creating a seed project with decoupled Meteor + Angular, lazy-loading Angular routes, AOT/tree-shake, and some Dockerfile configs to build the whole project into a couple of Docker images with the Angular build and other static content served by nginx. Would this be interesting to anyone?

@mostlymark hi
We already have angular cli example which uses client bundler and another example which uses meteor-cli for bundling both client and server side
But I am not sure if they’re outdated
@ardatan Yeah, I used your AngularcliMeteor example as a starting point for my own work. It was extremely useful (thank you!), especially the "process I've done to recreate this" section. I did run into a handful of small issues, but no showstoppers.
Tiago Magalhães
@mostlymark maybe you could pull a PR if there were issues while following the example from @ardatan ?
Pedro Lucas Oliva Braz
Hello everyone. I have been faced a slow app startup at browser with Meteor Angular (35 seconds). Before I checked the perform at Chrome, I have realised tow strange calls. Check this out:
I think that's can be a SCSS compiler configuration problem. Someone has faced this problem before?
Hi I want to connect my angular client to meteor server that my friend build, how can I do that?
I did this https://medium.com/the-guild/angular-cli-meteor-no-more-eject-webpack-configuration-4e718aa855b6
but I can't see where angular gets the meteor module
right now we have react-native run against the meteor BE and I want to connect to the same meteor BE my angular code
I'm talking about angular2+

After huge research, i am planning to go with JavaScript Search engine with Angular/Vue.js/Meteor/React as front-end

Choice of javascript client side storage is below

1) IndexedDB
2) JScene
3) LargeLocalStorage
4) ydn db
5) PouchDB

Links for reference


Please kindly suggest which one to go...

Basically have a cross platform system which accepts huge files and finally does a full text search...

In this way, the user just needs the browser no installation is required......

Can someone please help me with your valuable feedback about https://jio.nexedi.com/ ???? Planning to build a full text static search engine for the given files....
Jonathan Kruse
Hello. Has anyone successfully installed Angaular 8 onto a Meteor installation?
Two panel or three panel layout with search....Any example ....with code...
i want a beautiful responsive HTML datatable with search for static data which works offline. Can anyone help me with a good reference?
Brian Braatz
Hello out there
I have spent the last three days- trying to get socially2 working
actually no I mispoke
I am using the universal sample from anuglar-meteor
and no matter what I am getting this error "Error: Cannot find module 'meteor/accounts-base'"
I have added typings and tried everything and am close to giing up
I have a meteor app I am trying to get running on Angular-
Brian Braatz
has anyone gotten a newer version of angular running on angular-meteor?
@brianbraatz yes i have it currently running with angular 8.2.14
do you have accounts-password in your .meteor/packages file?
Cosmin Dumitrache
has anyone come across this issue while trying to build with AOT enabled with latest version of meteor + angular? "compiler.ts:854:42: host.isSourceFile is not a function"
there's also an open forum issue here, would be much appreciated if anyone has any thoughts on how to solve this: https://forums.meteor.com/t/meteor-1-10-1-breaks-angular-integration-when-aot-is-enabled/52511/5
Hussain Ali
Hi @mibto, I am in the process of updating my angular (7) + meteor (1.8) project. Using meteor-client-bundler to use atmosphere pckges. I had success updating the meteor to latest version 1.12. But updating angular to ver 8 gives error on the meteor typings. I then updated the to ver 9 typings errors are gone but now. bundled atmosphere packages are giving error while serving angular. Do you have a guide for upgrading in this setting or anything?
meteor-client.js:201 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'Package' of undefined at meteor-client.js:201 at meteor-client.js:209 at Object../node_modules/meteor-client.js (meteor-client.js:1196) at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:79) at Module../src/main.ts (main.ts:1) at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:79) at Object.0 (main.ts:15) at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:79) at checkDeferredModules (bootstrap:45) at Array.webpackJsonpCallback [as push
Graham Miller

Hey I’m trying to bundle meteor with the arch: “web.cordova”, and I’m getting this error:

Error: Cannot find module '/var/folders/nn/8w5ch72n6z5f4tm_shv7_krc0000gn/T/tmp-4021QklJIqhaZO7s/bundle/programs/web.cordova/program.json’.

So I guess my question is… when is this file/folder suppose to get created? I see the others folders in there like web.browser/web.browser.legacy

Fidel Kaldas
Using angular-meteor universal ->
Did someone try to use REST API calls in the API components ?
No data appears on the page source for REST API calls
Alex Creamer
Anyone know why I'm getting the following message when trying to run the todo app from https://www.meteor.com/tutorials/blaze/creating-an-app:
[[[[[ ~/Projects/angular/simple-todos ]]]]]   

=> Started proxy.                             
=> Errors prevented startup:                  

   While determining active plugins:
   error: conflict: two packages included in the app (templating-compiler and angular-templates) are both trying to handle *.html

   While determining active plugins:
   error: conflict: two packages included in the app (templating-compiler and angular-templates) are both trying to handle *.html

   While determining active plugins:
   error: conflict: two packages included in the app (templating-compiler and angular-templates) are both trying to handle *.html

=> Your application has errors. Waiting for file change.
=> Started MongoDB.