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Repo info
    @Valve @jonashaag do you have any plans to implement cross browser features (especially webgl with different setting) ?
    Jeroen Evens
    don't think that's inside the scope of this project
    using webgl for fingerprinting is not nearly performant enough, uniquemachine uses 15mb of data for fingerprinting\
    Utkarsh Dhawan
    Hey is anyone available?
    Luiz Nickel
    Hey, what's up! Anyone around?
    Walle Cyril
    Luiz Nickel
    Sorry for the late answer
    I wasn't actually expecting a reply lol
    Anyway... I'm trying to implement FPJS2 into a service of mine
    But my objective with it is to store each customer object with the generated fingerprint as the "unique key"
    For the first few weeks, everything had worked just fine
    Altough for the last few days I've been having some issues with the hash repetition ratio
    I'm actually getting identical hashes on different scenarios from different users, and this is causing a non-unique flaw into the whole structure
    Am I actually using this library in the wrong way? Or is there something I can do to prevent the hash repetition?
    Luiz Nickel
    TLDR; identical hashes are being generated in different scenarios/cases
    thanks in advance :D
    Walle Cyril
    Maybe try the pro version
    Or use human support to decide on a case by case basis
    Jeroen Evens
    @vaporwavie maybe someone visiting your site just clears their cookies?
    With storing data with the fingerprint as "unique key" you mean storing in the browser itself?
    if so, extensions like Cookie Autodelete might cause issues
    or you have privacy consious users on your site? Tor users might have the same fingerprint, or users with "resistfingerprinting" enabled in FireFox
    Shiva Prasad G
    Am trying to use FingerPrintJs2 in JQuery, can anyone suggest me how to use.
    Shiva Prasad G
    @vaporwavie Can you provide me info guide for which are the parameters are used in calculating the fingerprint.
    Ankit Singh
    @Valve I am also using fingerprintjs to generate fingerprint id but I am facing one issue that is total CPU time consumed by this js it is very high. When I see in page performance of my page, the page insight always warns me about this . can you or anyone help how to reduce total CPU time of this js.
    Prashant Kumar Verma
    By using 'var options = {fonts: {extendedJsFonts: true}, excludes: {userAgent: true}}'
    ID changes on each refresh. But when I don't include option, the ID remains the same for that particular browser and it also gets changed in a private window.
    Although until now, it's useful for me because I'm using this library for website analytics.
    Is it true that JS-fingerprinting is almost useless for latest mobile devices, because OS version, libraries versions and browser version are updated almost syncronously among all users and you will get the same hash for large group of people?